Ternex Ltd was established in the 1950’s by Francis Nevel, as a manufacturer of quality wooden furniture and arts and crafts. In the early 1960’s the company acquired the Ayot Green Sawmill to secure its supply of quality timber. Our premises are built on four acres of land on the edge of the Brocket Estate in Hertfordshire. The business is now owned and run by Francis' son Vince, who like many others at Ternex has worked there man and boy!

Since then we have been in the unique position of being able to cut logs into beams, planks, and construction grade timbers, as well as manufacture a wide range of high quality, bespoke timber products, such as doors, and windows, staircases, furniture and shop fittings.

Now equipped with some of the most modern wood-working machinery, we have retained the skills and experience of all our craftsmen. As a result our customers have come to expect a fast reliable service, providing products manufactured to the highest standards by the best craftsmen around.

Our customers include architects, interior designers, landscape garden designers, building restorers, construction companies and individuals undertaking their own projects.

Fresh sawn timber (also known as ‘green timber’) is cut from logs bought from Europe, Ireland, direct from the UK forests, where we know the forests are properly managed and felling is controlled to ensure sustainability.

Our wide range of kiln dried timbers also come from properly controlled and certified sources. Nearly all our waste is used to provide energy or is converted to other usable products. We are now embarking upon the design and build of new distinctive offices, predominantly made of timber, which will not only be a showcase for Ternex's capabilities, but also a model for energy efficiency and ‘green’ building materials.